Heart Of The Dragon Ensemble
Classical Folk Music from China
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The Heart of the Dragon Ensemble presents beautiful and tranquil traditional pieces and new compositions played on erhu (fiddle), pipa (lute), dizi (flute), xiao (flute), sheng (mouth-blown organ), guzheng (harp) and yang-qin (dulcimer). Extensive information about the artists, instruments and the individual pieces in English, German, French and Spanish. Total playing time: 71 min.
Classical Folk Music from China (CD)
$ 13.95
Ninety-Nine Days Bright
Little Boat
Happy Maid
Waves and Sands
Dream till Tomorrow
Golden Snake Dance
Liang Xiao
Bamboo Dance
Gong Wu
Beautiful Africa
Nan Ni Village
Return of the Fishing Boats
Xiao Baicai
Xiao Music at Midnight

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