Wapa Sakitanou
Music of the French Caribbean - Martinique
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a fulfilling listening experience with the dynamic improvisations of the singer and shifting pulse of the percussion adding a richness that belies the simple repetitive motifs that set the whole thing in motion. RJExhilarating, up-beat call-and-response singing accompanied by tambour bèlè (barrel drum) and ti-bwa (bamboo percussion). Colour booklet with info about Martinique, the musicians and instruments.
Music of the French Caribbean - Martinique (CD)
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Frapé Tig-bang
Domino - Domino
Louise o!
Changé la mi mwen
A dou man man
Edé yo
Milo Casérus
Zébi Létranjé
Roulé Québec
Mèsi bon dié
Di fé ka limé
Marie o
Bélya pour Québec
Méssieu é dam' bonsoir