Effi Netzer
The Most Popular Folk Songs from Israel
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Effi Netzer is one of the best known and most popular composers of Israel. He is also the founder of the Beit Rothschild Singers, a group entirely composed of amateur singers. In a very enthusiastic way the musicians present old and new folk songs and dances of their home country. There are songs from modern Israel (Hava Nagila) from the Kibbutzim (Ez Vakevess) and titles from Eastern Europe and of Mediterranean and Arabic influence.
The Most Popular Folk Songs from Israel (CD)
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Hava Nagila
Eretz Zavat Halav
Ez Vakevess
Debka Haabir
Nigun Atik
Horrah Nirkoda
Maim Maim
Hevenu Shalom Aleichem
Tapuach Chenani
Hava Netze Bemachol
Horrah Ne'urim
Bat Hacarmel
Debka Hilel