Xu Pingxin
Master of the Chinese Dulcimer
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Xu Pingxin shows virtuosic technique and spellbinding musical expression on the yangqin, the Chinese hammered dulcimer. Lyrical and mystical pieces from a wide range of traditional Chinese repertoire. His musicianship has won him international acclaim and he is considered one of the most successful yangqin players of the world.
Master of the Chinese Dulcimer (CD)
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The Spring Arrives at Quing River
Happy Song
Sunshine over Taskurgan
Three Six
Raindrops Beating on Banana Leaves
Curtain Upside Down
Su Wu Herding Sheep
Crescent Moon in Deep Night
Planting Song
General's Command
Dance Melody of thge Southern Xinjiang
Festival in the Tianshan
Dragon Boat
Open the Fountain of Happiness