Russkaya Muzyka
Traditional Music from Russia
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A beautiful album of genuine masterpieces of traditional Russian polyphonic singing from various regions of Russia, presented by the renowned group Russkaya Muzyka. The repertoire ranges from Cossack songs, folk songs and dances to religious chants, as well as playing traditional musical instruments. Rich information in English, German, French and Spanish. Total playing time: 66:46 min.
Traditional Music from Russia (CD)
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Boredom, Leave Me!
Playing the Kaliuki
Round Dance Song
The Road of Happiness
There Lived a Boy
A Man Ploughed the Field
Shadow on the Water
Walking down the Valley
Farewell, my Life, my Joy
A Village on a Hill
Zavidochka (couplets accompanied by music)
Down Peterskaya Road
Along the Green Meadow
Hey, the Fields are Flooded
Drinking Moonshine
The Road by the Meadow
Apple Tree