The Queen's Royal Pipers
Journey of the Scottish Pipes
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This journey takes you on a musical meander beyond Scotland and the shores of Britain. The melancholy and haunting sounds of The Wee Spree contrast with the powerful and beautiful music of Ireland; thence to France for a tribute to the fallen of two World Wars, to Italy for a Highland version of Verdi & Combined with traditional Scottish bagpipe tunes these will take you through a glorious hour.
Journey of the Scottish Pipes (CD)
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Far o'r the Sea / Within a Mile o' Edinburgh Toon / The Meeting of the Waters
A Salute to the Royal Fendersmith
Mrs. Ian MacLean / Inverary Castle / Alex C. MacGregor
Molly Malone / The Jolly Beggar Man / Paddy M'Ginty's Goat / Cork Hill / Oft in the Stilly Night / St. Patrick's Day / The Wearing of the Green
The Flowers of the Forest / The Battle of the Somme
Miss Elspeth Campbell / Arniston Castle / Kalabakan
Slaves of Nabucco
24th Guards Brigade at Anzio/8th Argylls Crossing
The Wee Spree
The Dark Island / Miss Kirkwood / Leaving Lismore
Lady Lever Park / Kirsty MacAllmans Favourite / Bessie McIntyre / Loch Maree / Wee Pat
My Ain Fireside
Alien Pipes
Highland Laddie / Teribus

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