Pablo Cárcamo, Oscar Benito
Harp & Flutes from the Andes
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This instrumental recording presents the magical, haunting sounds of the Andean flutes and the soft, flowing notes of the Paraguayan harp in combined harmony. Pablo Cárcamo from Chile gives a haunting quality to his flute-playing. Oscar Benito from Paraguay is a virtuoso harpist. The CD contains favourites such as El condor pasa, O Cangaseiro, Poblacion la Victoria, El Humahuaqueno, El Manicero, El Cumbanchero Alma Llanera
Harp & Flutes from the Andes (CD)
$ 11.95
El Condor Pasa
O Cangaseiro
El Rondador
Fantasia Guarani
Soy pan soy paz
Leño Verde
Negro José
Poblacion la Victoria
El Humahuaqueño
El Canelazo
El Manicero/Cachita
Fiesta del Sol
Moliendo Cafe
Alma Llanera
El Cumbanchero