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Music of the different regions and peoples and ethnic groups living in Afghanistan, presented by the Afghan Ensemble, featuring Zohreh Jooya and Ustad Hossein Arman. Played on traditional instruments, e.g. robab (lute), harmonium, tanbur (lute), delruba (fiddle) & Extensive information about Afghan music, the artists and each of the pieces. Total playing time: 61:31 min.
Afghan Music (CD)
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Mikham beram koh
Jama Narenji
Tshashme Sia
Az ghamat ai nasanin
Man mast o to divana
Del Aram Na Razi
Ghuye zeba
Instrumental Robab
Qad Bala
Bia ta Goll bar afshanim
Yar ba ma
Leyly jan