Tirana Folk Ensemble
Songs & Dances from Albania
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Recorded at the international Festival Mondial des Cultures in Drummondville, Canada. This CD presents authentic Albanian folk music and songs. The main instruments are shepherds instruments (various flutes). For the reed flutes circular breathing technique is used. In the cities Oriental musical elements are to be found, with instruments from the Arab-Persian culture. Both are featured on this CD.
Songs & Dances from Albania (CD)
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Kaba Korçare
Valle me potpuri Tirane
Do mar çiften
Kaba Prespane
A kan ujë ato burime?
Moj e bukura more
Valle Gorashe Korçare
Instrumentale me motive Tirane
Binte shiu pika-pika
E para eshte nena
S'paske pas një pikë mëshirë