Elenco Ko'Eti
Paraguay - Traditional Songs & Dances
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Traditional music from Paraguay, sung as well as instrumental, played on harp, guitars, drums and percussion. Richly illustrated 24-page coulour booklet with extensive information about the group and each of the pieces in English, German, French and Spanish. Total playing time: 58:06 min.
Paraguay - Traditional Songs & Dances (CD)
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Tres de Mayo
Rió confuso
Cielito chopi
Lucerito alba
Che sy che rayhu
Chokokue kera yvoty
Carreta guy
Palomita de tres parejas
Sombrero de palma
Che trompo arasá
Londón karapé
Por tu amor mi palomita
Campamento Cerro León
San Baltazar
Zapateo del arriero
Chipera Luque
Gallito cantor
Pájaro campana
Viva el bravo Paraguay