The City Waites
The English Tradition - 400 Years of Music & Song
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The City Waites are the specialists in English traditional music. The group regularly collaborate with the Royal National Theatre and Globe Theatre in the UK and have had music featured in the film Elizabeth. This album presents music from Medieval times to Queen Victoria played on authentic period instruments such as hurdy-gurdy, harpsichord, lute, fiddle, rebec, bass viol, cittern, bagpipes etc.
The English Tradition - 400 Years of Music & Song (CD)
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Cuckolds all in a Row
The Two Magicians
The Nota and the English Dance
The Bluebell of Scotland
The Wanton Wife
Hey Jolly Broom Man
Give Me My Yellow Hose Again
The Broom of the Cowdenknowes
The Furry Day Carol
England be Glad
The Miller of Dee
Pastime With Good Company
Lumps of Pudding
Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home
How to Court and Obtain a Young Lass
The Rakes of Mallow / Sweeps Hornpipe
Oh No John!
The Jolly Farmers
The Fairy Round
The Mermaid
A Vindication of a Departed Maidenhead
The Punks Delight
Martin Said to His Man
Lady in the Dark