Son De Pueblo
Traditional Songs and Dances from Colombia
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An exciting and exhilarating album of music from the different regions of Colombia. Great variety in styles and rhythms including the southernSon sureño, the Andean Pasillo, the Cumbia of the Caribbean coast, the Bambuco of the south-eastern Llanos, theCurrulao of the Pacific coast, said to be the 'soul of black Colombia, the Bambuco Fiestero of the Colombian heartlands and the Porro Paisa from Colombia's coffee country, the west central region.
Traditional Songs and Dances from Colombia (CD)
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Guaneña / Miranchurito / El son Sureño
La cumbia Cienaguera
Ojo al Toro
Moliendo Café
Pájaro Campana
El Canalete, Mi Varita
Cumbia en el Arenal
Parranda Campesina
Turumbis Tumbis
El Guacirqueño
Colombia Tierra Querida
El Aguardientero