Egschiglen - Sounds of Mongolia
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The internationally renowned group Egschiglen (meaning: Beautiful Melody) presents this very special album of traditional and contemporary Mongolian music, played on traditional instruments. Listen to the amazing sounds of Mongolian throat singing, where the singer produces a very deep bass melody and high harmony notes at the same time. Information about the history, the people, their music and the instruments, illustrated with many photos in the all-colour booklet.
Egschiglen - Sounds of Mongolia (CD)
$ 13.95
Durvun uul siilen buur
Taivan namar
Cenherlen haragdah
Boroonii uul
Chandmani nutag
Huhu namyil
Eruu cagaan bolimor
Tavan hasag
Horgoi torgon deel
Tanz melody
Buyant gol
Uglee shaazgai
Govin undur
Naadmin ugluu
Hadin oroigoor