Sola Akingbola
Nigerian Beats - Rhythm 'n' Rhyme
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Yoruba (Nigerian) percussion and chanting rooted in tradition presented in exciting new ways, featuring“incredibly beautiful rhythms and drumming patterns, each track with its own unique story and vibe. The aspect of spirituality and the supernatural is strongly evident throughout.” - Blogger News Network “… Frankly, this excellent collection of songs… will blow your mind. Genius!” (Rhythm Magazine) Original Yoruba poetry with English translations, and info about each song in English and German.
Nigerian Beats - Rhythm 'n' Rhyme (CD)
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Ninu Opon Ori Tiwa
Enia Lasoo Mi
Ori Ni Kan
Witch Dance
Seegesi Olooya
Boya Iro Ni
Kulumbu Yeye
Ojo To Wa Ninu Ose
Aro Orunmila