Manuel Diogo
Music of Angola
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Colourful music of Angola, this beautiful, mysterious, equatorial African country, which has had such a mixed and varied history. Written, produced and performed by veteran Angolan musician Manuel Diogo, this album captures the infectious sounds of traditional and contemporary Angolan gospel music, blending various popular styles such as semba, rebita, mainstream Angolan folk, and northern Angolan Kintweni rhythms.
Music of Angola (CD)
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Yaweh Deus De Angola
Wa Kwata Imbamba
Mpeve Ya Longo
A Chamada Vai Haver
Mfumu wisa finama
Ora Nao Cessa
Teu Nome E Jesus
Torrent D'amour
Ka Nvu Mia Mingi Ko
Moninga Yaka Na Yesu