Richard A. Hagopian
Best of Armenian Folk Music
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Armenian scholars and priests wrote about instruments and music as early as 200 BC yet the descriptions of Armenian Music are ambiguous, mainly because of political and social changes which permeate Armenian history. The Armenians remained in their native land in eastern Anatolia but they became subjects of the Ottoman (Turkish), the Persian and the Russian empires, which greatly influenced their culture. The diversity of musical styles is significant and Richard Hagopian presents his own unique form of Armenian music.
Best of Armenian Folk Music (CD)
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Sirdus Vura Kar Ma Ga
Anush Yares Heratza
Ghurgeet - Chant
Parov Yegar Siroon Yar
Suzinak Saz-Semai
Rast Taksim
Rast Pesrev
Naz Bar
Candle Dance
Agh Im Anush Yarus
Huseyni Taksim
Huseyni Saz-Semai