Nii Tagoe
West to West
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Following the success of his debut solo album 'African Roots' Nii Okai Tagoe’s new album brings a fresh sound, rooted in African rhythm andmelody which reflects his extensive international journey. Having toured internationally as percussionist, singer and composer with such artists as Osibisa, African Headcharge, Konkoma, Baka Beyond and Lorraine Ayensu, Nii draws on a wide array of musical styles and flavours as well as a rich seam of musical collaborators.
West to West (CD)
$ 13.95
Oh Nu Kpa
Moni Sane Yemi
3 Monkeys
Moni Ley
Sumo Eh-ngo
Mile Mi Ley
Doh Wey
Nekeh Noh
Ley Ley Ley
Mile Mi Ley Acoustic

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