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Saz (long-necked lute) maestro Hüseyin Türkmenler and his wife Günay perform Turkish love songs and lover’s laments - arich and diverse repertoire of folk songs as well as instrumental dances and taksims. Additonal instruments are darbuka (goblet drum), def (frame drum with jingles) and zil (finger cymbals). Artist biographies and info about each of the songs, plus lyrics.
Music of Turkey (CD)
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Burasi Mustur
Actimola Su Sivas'in Gülü Yapragi
Ölem Ben Ölem Ben
Taksim (Improvisation) / Cicekdagi
Taksim (Improvisation)
Taksim (Improvisation) / Alim Gitme Pazara
Gelmisem, Görmüsem, Isterem Seni
Siyah Percemini
Taksim (Improvisation) / Bolu Gelin Karsilamasi
Gelin oy oy
Macka yollari