Sufi Music Ensemble
Sufi Music from Turkey
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Relaxing Sufi music recorded in Turkey played on kanun, ney, ud, tanbur, kemençe, bendir, halile and cello. This is music played at the tekke (Sufi convent) at ceremonies of the whirling Dervishes; as well as never before recorded music commonly played in Turkish mosques. The booklet provides extensive information about Sufism, the music and the various makams (modes) and the instruments.
Sufi Music from Turkey (CD)
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Ney improvisation in Makam Dügah
Ilahi (Hymn) in Makam Dügah
Ney improvisation in Makam Hüseyni
Nefes in Makams Hüseyni and Ussak/Esma Zikri in Ma
Kanun improvisation in Makam Ussak
Ilahi (Hymn) in Makam Ussak
Improvisation with Kanun, Ney and Ud
Modulation (Perde Kaldirma) in Makams Saba, Segah,
Ney improvisation in Makam Saba
Ilahis (Hymns) in Makam Saba
Ud improvisation in Makam Hicaz
Ilahis (Hymns) in Makam Hicaz
Sabah Salati in Makam Dilkesaveran
Kemence improvisation in Makam Segah
Tekbir in Makam Segah/Salat-i Ümmiye/Niyaz Ilahisi
Tanbur improvisation in Makam Hüzzam
Ilahi (Hymn) in Makam Hüzzam
Improvisation in M.Rast/Sugl in M.Rast/Salati Sela