András Farkas & Ensemble
Best of Hungarian Gypsy Tunes
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András Farkas and the Budapest Ensemble present lively and infectious old Hungarian gypsy tunes with classical elegance. András Farkas’ “singing violin” leads his ensemble with Hungarian temperament in colourful variations through 44 well-known traditional Hungarian gipsy melodies.
Best of Hungarian Gypsy Tunes (CD)
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The Sun Has Set
Why Must'n I Love You
Her Beautiful Blue Eyes
Listen, Gypsies
Bad Brew
I Was Born in a Rosebush
I Have a Sweetheart
No Letters Have Come
I Court the Beautiful Ladies
Corn and Nettles
The Dance Begins
A Leaf is Falling Down
I am Looking for an old Street
It is a Prayer
A Horgosi Csárdás
A Cloud Covers the Forest
I Ran away from my Beautiful Home Country
Nothing, my Darling, Nothing
Corn Kolo
A Little Well
My Yellow Filly
Mama is Baking, and so is the Baker
In the Gipsy-Tent
The Sad Poplar Forest
The Bell Calls us to Vespers
My Little Czárdás Hat
Rain is Silently Falling
The Forest is Humming
At Gyergyó of even Farther Away
Below the Mountain of Csitár
Palkó Csínom
You Don't Need Money to be Happy
A Winter with Frost Patterns on the Window
I Turned towards the Kitchen
I Deny, I Deny
Fresh Czárdás
Street of Acacias
My Beautiful Rose
A Little Cottage on the Hill
They are Singing in the Spinning Mill
Never Grumble at Me!
I am Afraid in the Crowd of Gypsies
Gipsy Czárdás
Fast Gipsy Czárdás