Hilda Bronstein
Yiddish Songs Old and New
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A vibrant and colourful collection of Yiddish songs, each piece capturing some facet of the lives and culture of East European Jewry – expression of the very soul of a people from its darkest hours to moments of ecstatic joy. Accompanied with clarinet, piano, accordion, violin, bass. Complete original Yiddish lyrics, with English summaries.
Yiddish Songs Old and New (CD)
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Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym
S'iz Finster in Gas
Avreml der Marvikher
Melokhe - Melukhe
Ven der Regn Zipt in Droysn
Dos Lidl Fun Goldenem Land
Zingt Oyf Yidish
Di Sapozhkelekh
Praven Veln Mir a Khasene
Dos Kleyne Tsigaynerl
Ikh Vel Dikh Keyn Mol Nisht Farbaytn
Mayn Shtetele Belz
A Vogn Shikh
Zing Brider Zing

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